Raoul Wallenberg Institute

RWI is an INGO that works on supporting the implementation of a Regional Asia Programme on Human Rights and Sustainable Development. They works together with Indonesian government on promoting the dialogue to achieves and face the challenges and solutions related to the programme topics.
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We collaborated with Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI), a non-profit organization that consistently supports human rights and international humanitarian law, by creating the digital campaign as a form of concern for world community welfare. We were involved in ideation, production, and promotion of RWI Jakarta’s educational collaboration video with several activists discussing various environmental problems. From social media to international press releases, we support every step taken by RWI throughout this campaign.


Media Pickups (English): 109

Media Pickups (Other Language): 280

3 Most Pickups (Based on Language): Simplified Chinese, English, Japan

3 Most Pickups (Based on Location): Mainland China, Indonesia, Japan


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